Creative Life, Happy Life

I heard this phrase really and it has stuck in my mind since. Give me a tin of paint, a piece of furniture and a couple of hours and I'll emerge feeling relaxed and content.  Years ago, it would be the sewing machine but regardless, my mind empties of everything that's going on around me and I am concentrating on the here and now.  Nothing else matters at that moment in time.  

Last week, I set myself up a new little space to paint in. Up until now, I had been painting in the conservatory which has been far from ideal as in the winter its freezing and from now until September, its just too hot to really do anything in there.  The conservatory is old and the long term plan is to brick it up and put skylights in but for now, its mostly used for storing 'stuff' as its just too hot to do anything in there. So we decided to have a shuffle around and I've moved all my painting things into what will eventually become my workroom/studio space.  

At the moment its nothing fancy, with bare plasterboard, exposed brickwork and I'm sharing it with the freezer and filing cabinet. Oh and the boiler! But it is a space, I can keep everything in one place and close the door on it all so no one can see the 'mess'.  It means I can start painting something and leave it there, not worrying about tidying it away if I haven't got back to it for a few days.  It also means I have somewhere to keep all the things waiting to be painted.

So the plan now is to try and incorporate some more creativity into my life and, hopefully, make a few more pennies along the way. I am hoping D is going to help me pull down some of my supplies and old stock from the garage roof space so that I can also get going on my sewing machine again - now that, I really miss using! 

Are you a creative person? Do you agree with the above phrase? Share your thoughts with me and if you are a maker, I'd love to take a look.  

(Don't forget, I'm sharing my makes and paints over on my Facebook page).

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