Gratitude Journal #35

Good behaviour and surviving Half Term
As half terms go, this one has been good. Considering all planning was last minute as I was anticipating being out of action for the week, we've been busy:
- Local carnival where E danced with her dance group, followed by dinner out
- Soft play date with my friend L and her two girls.
- E and T spent the day with my inlaws at soft play whilst I went to work.
- Another soft play playdate, this time with my MiL and niece. 
- A trip to the theatre to see The Jungle Book which was amazing. Hands down, the best show we've ever seen.
- Swimming with D. 

It has to be said that the girls have been pretty well behaved too.  E has had quite an attitude on her recently but she has been tons better over the past few days.  Lets hope I'm not jinxing it by writing it down!

Garden Chores
We've had a lot of rain here over the last couple of weeks which has meant I've been unable to get out in the garden. This weekend, after a couple of dry days, I got outside and cut the grass, weeded and gave everything a good tidy up. I'm hoping this will tide us over until I'm back on my feet.  It looks so nice out there now!  

On top of the housework
I think I'm as on top of the housework as I can be.  I made myself a list last week and have been cracking on with it in between everything else. Anything I've missed will have have to stay missed! I've even managed to make a couple of dinners for the freezer and I'm hoping I can get another couple made before my appointment, just to make things a bit easier for D.

Me Time
One of the things I struggle with during half term is the lack of time to myself. Its something I crave, just an hour or so alone with no TV, radio and no one to talk to.  I've been really lucky this half term as my MiL had them for a few hours after our playdate, after our theatre trip D took them back into work with him for the last hour and a bit and today, as I write this, D has taken them swimming. The only noise I can hear is people and traffic going past the house. Its much needed.

What are you grateful for this week? 

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