Gratitude Journal #36

Last week was my laparoscopy, so this week's gratitude journal is very much centered around that. This week I'm feeling very grateful for:

- Well wishes from friends.

- A colouring book from one of my closest friends to stop me from getting bored at home, as well as regular contact to make sure I'm ok. 

- My in-laws cooking us dinner.

- The anaethetist listening to my concerns and finding me the nasal oxygen tubes instead of a mask.

- That first cup of tea after coming round from surgery.

- D finishing work early and doing all the school runs (its normally me).

- D taking E to her dance class.

- Extremely grateful to D for washing my hair for me. I can cope without a shower and just having a wash, but I normally wash my hair daily and I can't bear it feeling dirty. It makes the rest of me feel dirty.

- D and E doing a food shop - again, its normally me. 

- My brother in law for picking me up from hospital.

- Being able to rest, despite also being bored.

- The Drs checking me over the day after surgery as I had a rash over my stomach (presumably a reaction to something used)

- My mobile phone, so that I can catch up with social media, news etc without having to move too far. 

- T mostly behaving and not giving me too much grief. 

- E and T both enjoying parties this weekend.

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