Gratitude Journal #39

E had her friend L over for a play date after school.  They played in the garden, made things with the craft box followed by dinner and all of us playing on the switch.  The girls all played really well together and it was a pleasant couple of hours. 

Easy Dinners
Its been far too muggy this week for my liking and I've not felt like cooking much so we've had some easy dinners - homemade breaded chicken, salads, pasta.  Anything that doesn't require too much effort in our stuffy kitchen.

New Kitchen Electrics
The electrician turned up last week! I was worried he might not, for no real reason, I just had the worry! The first part of the electrics are now done, D has a few jobs left to do before we can get the plasterboard up but we're starting to make headway.  

Saturday Splashaday 
We went round to my in-laws so the girls could play in the paddling pool with my niece.  Saturday was such a scorcher so they made the most of it and completely wore themselves out.  

In the garden
Sunday was mostly spent in the garden. The girls were playing with anything and everything whilst I gave everything a good tidy up. It was the first day I've been able to get out since we had all the rain.  Whilst the rain did wonders for the plants, it also did the same for the weeds! It takes ages to do but I do love how nice it looks after and the sense of having accomplished something.

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