Gratitude Journal #42

Pain Clinic
Last week I had my first appointment at the pain clinic, which I shared here.

MiL's Hospital Appointment
My MiL had to have a bowel cancer screening last week. She was confident that all was well and luckily following the appointment, the hospital were able to confirm just that.

Extra pennies thanks to eBay 
I've been ruthless this week, clearing out clothes from my wardrobe that I've not worn for months and months. Years, some of them. My tastes - and size/shape - has changed so I decided to just have a good clear out. And I'm glad I have as a number of them have raised a decent amount of cash (an ASOS dress went for £22, a waterproof jacket for over £30!), which is always welcome.

Pensthorpe Nature Reserve
We had a trip out to Pensthorpe on Saturday. It was our first visit and we all really enjoyed ourselves and we were all shattered by the time we got home!  

Sports Day
Last week was E's sports day and we've started this week with T's. Having a couple under her belt, E just got on with it but T was a little anxious about it.  In the end, we did a pinky promise that if she did sports day I would let her take her toy dog to school and make her a hot chocolate when she got home. That seemed to swing it because she took part with a big grin on her face and lots of waving at me, as well as coming third in her first race!

The dreaded Dentist 
I had a check up last week and its always a relief to get it over and done with and I'm relieved I don't need to go for another 9 months, whoop whoop!

Relieved to have my hair cut, it was well over due as I'd had to cancel my previous appointment, which was when I had my op. It feels so much better now. 

T's bedroom
We brought a new (to us) set of drawers for T's bedroom. She had my old ones which were about 15-ish years old and falling apart. Her 'new' ones are old and a bit battered (which is right up my street, I like furniture with a bit of character) and were the perfect fit for her bedroom. 

Cooler weather
Ahhhh! Its been lovely having the weather a little cooler for the last few days.  I've felt able to function and much less tired.

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