Gratitude Journal #43

Teddy Bear's Picnic
When new children join the school along with the settling in sessions, the school holds a bedtime story session and a teddy bear's picnic where the new children can come and play with the current reception, year 1 and year 2 children.  This year, the picnic took place whilst I was at work so my in-laws went along for the girls and, from what I gather, took far more cakes and other goodies than I would have done - needless to say, the girls enjoyed themselves!

T's Reception Graduation
Oh my.  What an afternoon. I knew it was going to be emotional but when the teacher started crying 10 minutes in, that got me.  We have been extremely lucky with T's teacher and it was really nice to see how emotional and connected she has been with the class. This year was her first class after qualifying and sadly it will be the only one at the school as she is a military wife and is following her husband to his new posting.  To say thank you for everything the class mums joined together and made her a hamper, each buying a little something for her.  She was very appreciative and we'll miss her greatly.  

E's school report
We had T's a couple of weeks ago and this week was E's turn.  We couldn't be prouder of her. She is where she should be in all subjects and is keen to learn, which is all we ask for.  I was particularly proud of her effort in maths as the teacher says there have been moments when she clearly wants to give up but keeps persevering. 

School Fete
The school does so many little things for their pupils and this is another.  The week before school finishes for the summer, they hold a little fete for them. We make a donation of £2 and they go round the different stands, playing games and eating cakes.  This year it was held on their non-uniform day and the girls loved it.  

Working from home 
I wasn't feeling my best towards the end of last week. The weather has really made my symptoms flare and I've been very tired, more so than usual. I decided to work from home on Friday, which was surprisingly productive and allowed me to work at a slower pace.

New paddling pool
We had to throw our last paddling pool away as it was damaged so D has just purchased a new one.  Never one to do anything by halves, it is quite deep, the same size as the trampoline and will fit us all in it  - perfect timing with this week's forecast heatwave. 


  1. I love the idea of a gratitude journal it's lovely ! And something I would love to start ! Love that you have a new paddling pool it's needed with the heatwave ! #TwinklyTuesday

  2. A Teddy Bear Picnic sounds a lovely way to get the little children used to what will be their new surroundings after the holidays. I hope things are better for you this week and enjoy your time in the pool if it gets too hot :)


  3. I'd forgotten how busy the last weeks of the school year are when you have little ones. Cherish these times, and have the most wonderful summer holiday with them.

  4. ...and just popping back to say's been a long time since I joined an linkys, bear with, I'm a tad rusty x

  5. The paddling pool sounds fab and perfect timing indeed! Enjoy, Shelley #TwinklyTuesday

  6. I love the idea of a graduation from reception. It's such a big step from Year R to 1 so that's a lovely way to mark the transition. #TwinklyTuesday

  7. I am envious of the pool, especially with the current weather. How lovely to hear your child is doing well X #twinklytuesday

  8. Lovely reasons. Glad you have the flexibility to work from home. Also you may just have inspired me to get a paddling pool - always great fun #TwinklyTuesday