Gratitude Journal #44

Helping with a medical emergency
Last week, as I paid for my food shop, I was caught up in a medical emergency. A lady that had been stood at the till behind me knocked into me, before knocking into the till and slumping down. Myself and a man stood nearby grabbed hold of her and helped her to the floor where she subsequently had a fit.  Because the first aider had no sense of urgency (rest assured, I did make a complaint about this), I ended up phoning the emergency services to come out to her.  I later found out that the lady has epilepsy.  I'm grateful that there were people around her to help so that she didn't bang her head and was able to stay safe.

School's out! 
Ah, school hols. The thought of six weeks at home with the children always fills me with fear - how will I keep them amused for six weeks? How will I cram in any work?  Will they spend the whole time bickering?  Regardless of all that, I'm very grateful that I don't have to rush about from one place to the next. And lunchboxes, no having to make lunch boxes for six weeks.... bliss!

Cooler weather
Boy, am I glad that the weather has turned a cooler this weekend.  Last week was a bit of a struggle.  

Work event
Saturday saw me at work, most unusual for a weekend but we had an event on and I had to be there to document and share it on our social channels. Despite our classic car event being a no-go (only TWO showed up!), rain and the producers who were supposed to be doing a tasting event 'forgetting' it was taking place, it turned out well. 

A good start to the week
This is our first full week of the holidays and it hasn't been a bad one! We've ventured out to buy paint samples, to do the food shop and lunch at McDonalds.  Nanny gave them some pocket money and they chose themselves a little doctors set so as soon as they were home, they were playing Doctors/vets with Buddy and a billion soft toys.  


  1. That would have been distressing, the woman fitting behind you! Hope she was alright. Yay to the holidays. I love the school hols, it's the rem that does my head in!

  2. Enjoy your summer holidays! Well done for being so quick thinking with that poor lady at the supermarket. #TwinklyTuesday

  3. I'm definitely with you for being grateful for school being out. It's so nice not to rush out on the school run. #TwinklyTuesday

  4. Well done you on helping that poor lady out, I'm sure she is very thankful to you and everyone else who stopped to help her. Six weeks of summer holidays with little ones, is quite daunting, but enjoy it, it will go by so very quickly #TwinklyTuesday

  5. Well done on helping with the medical emergency bet they were so grateful - I am also so glad there is no school run #TwinklyTuesday

  6. That’s shocking that the First Aider wasn’t in a hurry to see her, just as well there were people there to make sure she didn’t hurt herself. Poor lady was probably embarrassed as well when she came round. I’m also glad it’s slightly cooler, night times are awful just now as no one is getting much sleep as its too hot. And that’s even with a fan on 24/7. Enjoy the rest of the school holidays 😊


  7. Blimey that was a dramatic start to things, I'm glad you complained about the first aid situation, that's awful! I'm already in full school holiday mode, I love having the kid home, but then he only has me and the cat to argue with so that makes life easier! #twinklytuesday

  8. Excellent article. I am facing some of these issues as well..