Gratitude Journal #45

Cutting the grass
I finally managed to get the grass cut this week. Its either been too hot or wet and it was starting to look rather wild so I was pleased to get it done, particularly as the rain started just as I finished.

Walk and trip to the park
Because it has been so hot, Buddy hasn't had a proper walk for a while, he's just been running riot at home or work so it was good to get him out for a proper walk, with a trip to the park for the girls.

Play Date 
We met up with my friend R and her three children at soft play.  I was in two minds about going as I'd had a migraine the previous day but R can be a bit tough to track down so I went with it. The children all played brilliantly together and it was a nice few hours out. 

Haircuts for the girls 
I took the girls for haircuts on Friday, it was well overdue. T is insistent she doesn't want much taken off hers (what I tell the hairdresser is a different matter, it gets a bit straggly!). E on the other hand, was quite insistent that she wanted hers a bit shorter and came away having had a good 2-3 inches taken off. 

Cooler weather
This week it has been much, much cooler and for that, I am very grateful.

Having a clear out
Its E's birthday in a few weeks so we've been trying to have a clear out in the playroom and bedroom.  Between them, they have an obscene amount of toys and clothes (not all our doing, I might add) so I'm trying to instill in them that we have a little clear out before their birthdays or Christmas.  It seems to be working as E was keen to do it and her bedroom is now looking much tidier.  We also gave T's room a little tidy up, good grief that child is messy.  If this is what its like at 5, I can't imagine what she will be like as a teenager!

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