School Holiday Ramblings

We don't have a great track record with school holidays, it has to be said. 

I see lots of people talking about how they can't wait for the holidays and to have their children around them for six weeks.  For some time, I felt like a bad parent because the thought of six weeks filled me with fear. Six. Long. Weeks. How do I fill our time without spending a fortune? Are the girls going to spend the whole time bickering and arguing? Will T have countless tantrums and whinge-fests (she does have a track record)? Will it be too hot for me to get out with them? How will I juggle working around them with no one around to help (other than my inlaws once a weel)? And will we end up with someone being poorly, as is often the case?

Now though, I realise I'm not a bad parent. I recognise that I am a much better parent when I'm not around my children all the time. Going out to work and having time to myself, away from them, makes me a better parent and I appreciate them more when I am with them.  

We're a few days into the holidays and so far, so good.  Dare I say it has been quite easy so far. There has been some bickering and arguing but all in all, they have been getting on well. Really well.  We've had a couple of lazy days and haven't been out anywhere exciting yet. But the promise of getting in the paddling pool once I've done chores has been definitely been helping.  And, whilst E might well argue the difference, I've been trying to say yes more when they've wanted to play with the really messy toys that we don't always get out!  We've had lots of paddling in the pool, drawing and colouring and LOTS of lego and dolls. 

All in all, its been a good start. Here's hoping it lasts!  

How do you feel about the school holidays, do you love them or fear them? I'd love to know your tips! 


  1. I love them but I think it's because school time is a nag fest and I hate swings and round abouts...ha! Enjoy the break.

  2. I look forward to it as means I don't have to do the school run , but this week I must admit I'm struggling - having no head space and a few hours to chill on my own really does affect my mental health #TwinklyTuesday

  3. I would love and fear them in equal measure ... good to have our two teenies free to enjoy themselves, but she, in particular, is costing us a fortune.!She will be old enough for a job next year. She will need one to pay for her shopping habits! #TwinklyTuesday

  4. You are not alone, I used to absolutely hate the long school holidays and trying to find ways of entertaining the girls. Now it's not so bad, if anything it's a nightmare trying to prise the now teens from their bedrooms ;-) x


  5. I'm one of those irritating parents that LOVES the school hols. I will be the crying when they are over. Lame as that may be. But it is certainly not all peaches and roses and you are 100% not a bad parent for not loving the 'I'm bored' and the bickering, it's bloody annoying!! Hope you have a good few weeks xx #TwinklyTuesday

  6. We are a few years away from school holidays but I am already starting to panic about them. Like you, I need my personal time to work and just be me as opposed to being Mum. I hope you manage to enjoy the holidays more than you thought you would! Best wishes, Shelley #TwinklyTuesday