Gratitude Journal #46

Welney Wetlands
Last Tuesday we went to the wetlands with my good friend L and her two girls. The weather was forecast for heavy rain and we were lucky it held off until we literally got through the front door.  We took a picnic with us and spent a good few hours walking, pond dipping and dissecting owl poo.  The kids loved it!

MRI scan
I had my appointment for the MRI scan on Saturday. It didn't go well and I've rambled about how it went here. I'm very grateful to the staff for being so kind and understanding towards me. 

Afterward, I popped into work to have a drink with my in-laws and check my emails before going home and it was nice not to have to worry about getting straight back to the kids.

Kids Soft Play Party
On Saturday, D took the girls to a soft play birthday party whilst I was at the hospital.  It was great for them to burn off some energy as well as catch up with their school friends.

30th Birthday BBQ
This weekend was all about surprises for my friend L who is celebrating her 30th birthday today. We were some of the friends that her husband invited to a surprise BBQ he threw for her at Thetford Forest.  It was lovely, there were roughly 40 of us, lots of kids and it was just really chilled. The kids all played really nicely together, without any arguments or tantrums. The food was delicious and they absolutely spoilt her, which was really lovely to see. 

Cathedral Crafting
When my in-laws had the girls last week they headed to Ely cathedral where they were holding a craft event for children. The girls had a great time and came back with lots of different things that they had made.

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