Gratitude Journal #48

Family BBQ
It was my niece's birthday this week and we went over for a BBQ.  I was a bit anxious about going as it was in the evening and the girls had been a bit.... boisterous, shall we say, that afternoon.  Luckily they were good as gold and played nicely with my niece and her other cousin. 

This week we've had two playdates.  One was arranged and one was a spur of the moment thing when a friend popped in to drop something off to me.  The girls enjoyed them both and it was nice to break up the afternoons with something different. 

E's birthday
It was also E's birthday this week and she turned 7. Time feels like its flying by!  Because it was so hot, we had a quietish day at home. My MiL spent the day with us and E played with all of her new things and the girls had a splash in the paddling pool until we had to admit defeat and retreat back inside to the air conditioning.  We headed out in the evening for dinner at the local Wetherspoons with my in-laws, her Auntie, Uncle and cousin. It was really nice and the girls were all brilliant.  It's always heartwarming to see how many people care for your children. And more than a little disappointing when those that should, don't even acknowledge it.  

Trip to town
It isn't very often that we take a trip to town but we did just that as E had some birthday money and vouchers that she was keen to spend.   It was incredibly hot walking around but popping in and out of air conditioned shops certainly helped!
Hospital Appointment Coming up

Yep, another hospital appointment. The Mum I know from school (she works in the pain clinic) messaged me to tell me a letter was coming to me regarding my blood test results and with another appointment. Thankfully it is this week and not too long for me to wait (even if it is before 9am, yikes!) and I know that this is because she arranges the appointments for the consultant. 


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