Gratitude Journal #50

Back to school
Need I say more?  
The first day alone since July
Last Thursday I had my first day off - alone - since July when the kids broke up.  The kids were at school and D was at work and it was bliss! It was made even better as I didn't have to do the school run either, the girls went to my MiL's after school to play with my niece and then D collected them when he finished work.  I can't tell you how much it was needed, I love time alone. I didn't have the TV or radio on, I just pottered at home and read. 

Getting stuff done
This weekend I managed to tick a few little jobs off my 'list'.  When I say list, there was no list. Rather me thinking I must do this, this and this. I am terrible for procrastination and managing my time so some of them have been waiting a while.  I really must start actually making a list, perhaps that is where I am going wrong!

One of the things I managed to do was getting the old sofa out of the girl's playroom and moving my cross trainer in there.  I've had the cross trainer for 7 or 8 years but since we've moved into our home, I've barely been able to use it as it was in the conservatory which is either too hot or too cold.  I'm hoping it will get more use in the playroom, even if I just for a few minutes at a time here and there throughout the day.  

We also spent some time clearing out the new kitchen of tools and building materials in preparation for our new boiler that is being fitted this week.

Garden Day
It was a clear day Sunday, sunny if not a little breezy. The girls went outside in the garden at 10.45 and didn't come inside again until 3.30!  They were making dens and riding their bikes and up and down the patio with their dolls.  They decided that they wanted a snacky lunch outside, so I made them up a lunch box with lots of little treats and they sat lined up on their bikes with the dolls and chairs whilst they ate.  They actually played very well together and there was little in the way of bickering, which was very nice whilst it lasted!  

Clearing the freezer
Ah, this is such a boring thing to be pleased about but nonetheless, I am!  I didn't do a food shop last week so that I could clear out some of what is in our freezer, just some half-eaten things and things that the kids wouldn't eat. Mission accomplished! 

Car Service
My car went in for a service last week and I am very grateful that other than the work planned, all was ok with it and nothing else needed to be done with it. 

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