Gratitude Journal #51

On the Cross Trainer
Last week I mentioned that I had managed to move my cross trainer into the playroom.  This week I've pushed myself to use it.  I'm aiming to do a little bit each day and not necessarily all in one stint and build it up slowly. 

New Boiler
Yippee! Our new boiler has been fitted and I'm more than a little pleased as it has replaced our old and dated one which wasn't quite right for the size of our house. The boiler is D's domain but he's gone with one that can be set up so that we can control each radiator independently, as well as remotely.  The thought of this pleases me no end!

On Saturday I took the girls to soft play with L and her two girls.  We spent approximately 3 hours there and by the time we returned home, my two were exhausted and there were no arguments come bedtime. Bonus!

Productive Sunday
Sunday saw the girls spend a large chunk of the day on their bikes in the garden.  I made the most of the quiet to finish my latest book. Later in the afternoon,  I took them up separately to clean their bedrooms and cleaned ours and the bathroom, as well as the windows.  Now, when I can muster enough energy, I just need to tackle the downstairs...

Our new kitchen is going to be plastered this week. I am so, so excited about this as it is all coming together. Seeing plaster on the walls will completely transform it.  The flooring has been ordered and we've picked up a number of paint samples to try and decide on a colour.  Now, all we need to do is order the actual kitchen! 

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