Gratitude Journal #52

Adjusting hours
One of the benefits of working for family is that my hours are flexible. So if I need to swap my days or work from home, there are no issues and I do work from home on top of my office time anyway. This week though, I did have a chat with my brother in law (who is technically my line manager) to let him know I might be swapping them about a little more, depending on how I'm feeling.  The last couple of weeks have been pretty rough going and I don't like anyone to think I'm letting anyone down.  Thankfully he was completely fine with this, as were my direct colleagues. 

Kitchen being plastered
The kitchen is plastered. I repeat the kitchen is plastered!  We're just waiting for confirmation that our kitchen order is all ok and then its a case of waiting for it to be made and delivered!  We're just waiting for the plaster to fully dry before we start painting. The floor is also here and whilst I haven't seen it as it was delivered to work, D's happy with it, which is good enough for me. 

Dinner out
Tuesday night, we took the girls out for dinner as a treat. It amazes me how much they can put away when they want to! Which is a good job, as E was poorly for the rest of the week.  

Quick Dr's appointment for E
As mentioned above, E has been quite unwell this week.  Whilst we were out for dinner on Tuesday, she started to get a little sniffly and by the morning had a full-blown cold.  Wednesday and Thursday, she went to school but wasn't feeling herself, she was lethargic and hardly eating.  She woke up Friday complaining of feeling sick and we kept her off school. Again, she was lethargic all day and didn't really want to do anything. Saturday, she woke up and kept crying, complaining her tummy hurt and she felt unwell.  So I managed to get her seen by the out of hours within 2 hours of calling and it turns out she has a water infection.  No wonder she has felt so poorly, poor thing.  We managed to get some of the antibiotics into her and some food and she started to perk up within a couple of hours. 

Next Sale
Nanny took a trip to the latest Next sale and picked up some fab bargains for the girls, which I'm always grateful for.

Lunch Date
I met my friend at the garden centre for lunch.  Its bloomin' hard work trying to catch up but it's nice when we do manage it.  

The never-ending declutter
Always a work in progress, I've sorted through 40+ books to sell on. It has meant I've been able to sort through the bookcase and tidy up some of the piles of books I've had hanging around for quite a while now.  

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