Meal Planning Monday

I've started this week with a massive food shop. Eight bags of shopping. Honestly, it nearly finished me putting it all away.  Luckily I had some supermarket vouchers to use up, which was a great help.  I've been attempting to run down the pantry and freezer over the last couple of weeks and have tried to keep my shopping to a minimum.  The only thing with doing this, is I get a little edgy that I haven't got enough in the house, foodwise. Which is silly as there is more than enough.  So today was the day to replenish it all.

I think it stems from when I was a child. We never seemed to have much money and there never seemed to be much food in the house. I remember going on a school trip to the theatre and everyone else had treats in their lunchbox, things like chocolate and sweets, whilst I had crackers with butter and jam. 

Now that I'm a Mum, I like my pantry to be filled with crisps, biscuits and general treats for the kids so that I know there is always something there should they, or we, want it. Not forgetting all of the other pantry essentials so that there's always something in to knock a meal together - tins of beans, baked beans, tinned tomatoes, sauces, spices and dried pasta, amongst other things.  

As the weather has turned cooler, I've found myself wanting warming and filling foods. I've been eating lots of jacket potatoes and I'm keen to start making chillis and stews again as I've not cooked either for yonks!

Over the next few days, our menu looks like this: 

Chicken burgers (with rocket, spinach and watercress for me)
Mushroom risotto
Spicy mince with potato wedges
Belly pork with cauliflower, courgettes and potatoes
Vegetable rice

What's your menu looking like this week?


  1. Delete other comment - my bad! Racing off to school performance. I'm also running down the pantry, trying to minimise food waste.It's hard as no one eats the same food. And then they're out anyway...argh! #TwinklyTuesday

  2. Spicy mince and wedges sounds amazing X #twinklytuesday

  3. I'm never sure about belly prok, I've just has two pigs go to market and the belly is coming back as sausages, but I know restaurants serve it as steaks, I'll have to give it a go. #TwinklyTuesday

  4. Oh heck! I haven't really thought about cooking this week, I too am trying to run down the freezer and cupboards and keep everything to a bare minimum in anticipation of getting a moving date. That said, we are definitely having a nut roast this week...I think I may just come round and eat with you ;-) x


  5. A bit boring this week ... so much going on ... burgers; chicken curry; carbonara and veggie curry for daughter; bacon, potatoes ands red cabbage; Pizza Friday ... roast on Sunday and Saturday? We'll see! #TwinklyTyesday

  6. This looks like a delicious menu! I particularly like mushroom risotto and vegetable rice also sounds good.

  7. Oh, forgot to mention I'm visiting from #TwinkleyTuesday.

  8. Wow, I wish I was as motivated as you! I'm not sure what we're having for the rest of the week but tonight we're all having chicken and chorizo pasta bake. I'd love to food prep but I'm really not that organised as you might have guessed! #TwinklyTuesday