Gratitude Journal #58

The biggest and most exciting thing that I am grateful for this week, other than the girls being back at school(!) is that our new kitchen has arrived!  Hoorah!  We've started putting it together but it's not going to be a quick job and we still need to order worktops, fridge freezer and hob. With just a few cabinets in place, I'm already pinching myself that it's ours!

I managed to dodge the rain a few times last week to get out with Buddy.  We had a lovely walk through the local churchyard and spent some time watching the squirrels. Or rather I did, Buddy couldn't see thanks to the wall. Probably a good job...

Last week I did pretty well with planning our meals and getting the food shop done.  It always feels like such an accomplishment! 

I had a productive few hours last week studying and I'm really loving it.  I've got completely absorbed in it and the time flies whilst I'm doing it.  

Meditation isn't something that comes naturally to me but I've recently found a guided app that is really easy to listen to without any annoying accents so I've spent 10 minutes or so listening before I pick the children up from school.  

As if you could miss it, last week was Halloween.  The girls enjoyed their school discos and went trick or treating with D, his brother and friends.  I stayed at home with Buddy! It was the first time they have been allowed to go and they loved it.  They went to a small party whilst they were out and did apple bobbing and had great fun.  I think next year, with the kitchen finally being done and having some space we might attempt a little party.

Diet Coke and chocolate
This will probably sound a bit daft to many of you but I drink far too much diet coke, having at least 1 can a day.  This week has seen me break that. I managed 5 days without any and since then have had two.  I feel like I've finally broken my 'need' for it.  I'm also working on chocolate because I do eat a bit too much of that. Again, I managed 5 days without any.  Last week rather than buying dairy milk (which is hands down my favourite chocolate!), I picked up a bar of darker chocolate and a little bit of that has been enough. Both are a work in progress!

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