Gratitude Journal #59

Its all about the little things this week but it all counts:

This week has been a real struggle.  A few naps have helped a little, as has all the coffee.    Here's hoping this week is better! 

Hair Colour
I coloured my hair this week. I was a little worried as I mixed the colour as it was bright orange but luckily the colour came out as I wanted. 

I've made time for a face mask this week and my skin is feeling so much better for it.  

Coffee and catch-up
I haven't seen my good friend L for a couple of weeks as she recently started a new job so we let the children run riot whilst we had a catch-up.  

I'm grateful for the supportive comments left last week about starting the Aromatherapy course.  I'm really enjoying learning and getting stuck into something new.

Mr Needy
Cuddling up of an evening with Buddy, who is a little needy with me at the moment.  On the plus side, it means I have my own personal hot water bottle that always stays warm.

I've managed to get a few clothes and shoes listed and sold on eBay.  It always feels such an effort and as though I'm not really making much of a dent in the tons I want to get rid of but I keep reminding myself that slow and steady wins the race!


  1. I sell some stuff on ebay but mainly I just put stuff on the fence. Almost every day something's a good feeling!

  2. I was always scared to colour my hair myself in case it went badly wrong! I've given up the colouring altogether now and am happy with my decision. Sounds like you have had quite a nice week! Enjoy those naps. #TwinklyTuesday

  3. I love the smell of coffee and the pajama tops and t-shirts with the sayings on them but my stomach says, "No!" I love tea though and have stocked up for the winter. I even got a WWI tea tin replica that says things like, "Boil just enough water" and "Use old leaves on the vegetable patch." I know about the WWII tea rations but never thought about the WWI rations. And it's from the Department of Tea, lol. Have a great week, sending you coffee energy and herbal tea calm across the pond your way

  4. I do a daily thought process for gratitude (I guess you could call it mindfulness), never actually thought about publicly blogging it. You have inspired me!

  5. Loads of positives there - sleep, coffee and snuggles ain't the worst deal at this time of year when I for one feel like hibernating until the Spring. #TwinklyTuedsday