Gratitude Journal #60

I forgot to post last week's Gratitude Journal, so this weeks post covers the last fortnight! 

Being Stopped by the Police
I was stopped by the Police, which I wrote about here.  I was incredibly grateful not to be fined and given points.

Mum here for the weekend
My Mum and Stepdad were here last weekend for four days.  The girls loved seeing them and I was grateful that they took the girls out for cake and breakfast too. They also looked after them whilst I had to pop to work over the weekend.

Busy week at work
We celebrated our work 'birthday' with the Mayor and Mayoress popping in midweek and then, at the weekend, we had a film crew in to film a show in store.  I can't wait to see the finished piece.

Mum's night out
Last Friday was a Mum's night out. It had been arranged for a number of weeks but I wasn't sure that I would be going and literally a couple of hours before, Mum and I decided to pop along for a drink or two and it turned out to be more a drink or two! We were out longer than expected and had several G&Ts. as well as a couple of shots.  I even did karaoke! 

New Fridge
OMG, I can't how excited I am to have a new fridge. Well, fridge-freezer!  It isn't plugged in yet as the kitchen still isn't finished but it's here and I can't wait to stop using the rubbish thing we have at the moment - it's small and we can't keep milk in it because it goes off so quickly! We did have a moment's panic when they delivered it because it wouldn't fit through the front door.  Luckily they were able to get it through the back door/conservatory, it was very tight though, we're talking millimetres! 

MRI Results
I had my MRI results last week.  I shall write about it some more but long story short, nothing found bar a little arthritis. I'm grateful that there was nothing serious.

Coffee and baby cuddles 
I met up with my friends A and T last week, with T's toddler and baby. Watching her, it's crazy to think that I had two with the same age gap!  It was nice to catch up with them all and to cuddles with both little ones, they're gorgeous.  

Meeting a neighbour
My immediate next-door neighbour passed away a couple of years ago and his house has sat empty since whilst it is up for sale.  I noticed about a week ago that all the curtains in the house had been closed and mentioned it to D. I thought it strange as they had been open since he'd passed but D dismissed it, saying that the estate agents had probably been in there. One night, taking Buddy out to the toilet, I thought I heard a noise in the garden but again dismissed it, doubting myself thinking it could be sound echoing from the houses behind or even a deer. 

This week, however, one of the executors knocked on the door to introduce himself and to tell me that they had had squatters in the house! I couldn't believe it and felt terrible for not trusting my gut, in thinking that something was wrong.  D and I had actually spoken about it a number of times, it concerned me it being so obviously empty for so long.  Other than leaving some rubbish strewn about the place, I was grateful to hear that there had been no damage done.  I was also very grateful that the executor was friendly and happy for me to take his number so that I could call if I had any concerns.  


  1. OMG! Squatters! I didn't think that was a thing in neighbourhoods (ie where there are neighbours...). Ha! That is quite a bit of excitement. And glad you got the all clear! But the big question - what songs did you sing for karaoke???

  2. Sounds like a busy week! Glad you are okay after the MRI and hope you get some "proper" neighbors soon! #TwinklyTuesday

  3. I'm glad the mri scans went OK for you and can give you some peace of mind X #twinklytuesday