Feeling Overwhelmed

It's the 16th December and I've got to admit that I'm feeling more than a little bit overwhelmed in the run-up to Christmas.

In the last 3 weeks, all of us have been unwell with a flu-like virus. T got it first, followed by D, myself and E. Mine developed into a chest infection whilst everyone else seemed to recover.  Except for E, who didn't quite recover because last weekend, she started to complain about having a stomach ache.  She did her dance show and within an hour or so of coming home, she started to cry saying that she didn't feel well but didn't know why.  Sunday morning, she seemed a little better but wouldn't eat much. Monday she woke up and we had the same again.  I gave her some medicine and didn't think too much of it as some of the children in T's class had the same virus, with a tummy ache.  Come Monday and Tuesday morning though, E was crying with the stomach ache and kept waking up with stomach ache. So I took her to the Doctors, who said that she had acid reflux and prescribed her some Gaviscon.  A few hours later and she was still the same, so I called and spoke with the Doctor who said it was likely she had a virus and she might develop some sickness and diarrhea.  

Come Wednesday though, she was still no better. Still crying and whimpering with pain and after a day with Nanny, much the same, we called 111 who advised taking her to A&E. Which we did.  After 3 hours up there they did a urine sample, diagnosed her with a water infection and sent her home with antibiotics.  We managed to get a dose into her before bed and settled her down for the night. She had a disturbed night, waking up several times and when she woke in the morning was much the same.  When she got dressed that morning, she showed me that she had some red spots on her leg, which I wasn't too worried about as when the girls were both young, they often had a rash when they had a virus or were poorly.  It wasn't until mid-morning when E went to the toilet, she told me that she had some more.  I had a good look and noticed how dark they were and thought I'd better take a closer look. I got a glass out of the cupboard and did the tumbler test. The spots didn't disappear. So I got straight on the phone to the Doctor who said they would see her immediately.  We got to the surgery, saw our Doctor, who called another Doctor in for a second opinion and were sent straight to the children's ward at the hospital.

After several hours on the ward, she was diagnosed with Henoch-Schonlein purpura or HSP, which is where there is inflammation in the small blood vessels and they start to leak.  It causes a purple rash or raised purple spots on the feet, legs and buttocks. The good news is that it should clear up on its own within a week or two.  The bad news is that it can be recurring and can also cause damage to the kidneys.  Throughout the time we were there, she was an absolute star. Even when she had to have a blood test.  We have a follow up next week to get her blood and urine results back and to see what the plan of action may be. 

She's now been on her antibiotics 5 days and I'm relieved that today she has been playing and arguing with T. The attitude is back and she's been eating. Not masses, but considering she's barely eaten for the last week, I'm thrilled!

In the last 16 days, the girls have had 9 sick days off between them. And it's been hard work, looking after them whilst I still feel fairly rubbish myself.  Because I've been off work looking after them, I've been trying to work from home around them.  I've had no energy to do housework and have been doing the bare minimum, so the house looks like a bit of a tip and I have Christmas presents left to buy and wrap.  

So with 9 days to go, I'm feeling overwhelmed. This week there are two hospital appointments, I have a day in the office, my Mum is here for a couple of days (meaning the spare room needs tidying and sorting ready for her!) and then the girls are off until the 6th January 2020.  2020! That sounds such a long way away!

How to fit everything?  Lists have been made - and I'm actually using them! - and I'm trying to remember that as long as the girls are happy and on the road to getting better, that is all that matters. They'll have presents to open and, quite honestly, does it matter if the house is a mess? Obviously, I'd prefer it otherwise but in the grand scheme of it all, if it doesn't get done, that's it. The world won't end. 

How do you cope when you feel overwhelmed? 


  1. Goodness! That is scary! At least you got on to it quickly. Let your mum tidy the room - she won't care...Have a wonderful xmas. Thanks for hosting and I hope to see you around on TwinklyTuesday next year!

  2. Oh goodness, what a horrid time you have had! Thank goodness the spots were nothing more serious, but what a worry it must all have been. Christmas will be what it will be, what's important is that you are all safe and healthy. Happy Christmas #Twinklytuesday

  3. How awful for you. I hope you get some rest, the lead up to Christmas is a lot for a lot of people even without sickness X #twinklytuesday