Gratitude Journal #63

The NHS 
This week has been a tough one with E being unwell.  I have been very grateful to the NHS for looking after her.  

Christmas Carol Service
D and his Mum went to E's school carol service at the local church. I was unable to go as I had a hospital appointment but from what I've heard, it was a really lovely service and the children gave an amazing performance.

Pain Appointment
I've had an appointment this week with the pain clinic where they took a detailed history of what I've been dealing with and spoke to me about the fibromyalgia group they had recommended to me. The group is 'living well with fibromyalgia' and there is an introductory meeting so we can get a feel for it.  So I will be going along to that in January and I'm hopeful it will be helpful. 

Birthday Party
E had a birthday party to go to on Sunday and I was relieved she was well enough to go. It was at Claires Accessories and they played games, had their nails painted, put make up on and lots of glitter and had spray colours in their hair.  It was so nice to see her happy, laughing and moving about more than she had all week.   It was nice for me too, as once I'd dropped her off I went for a hot chocolate with one of the Dads before disappearing to do some shopping.  It's not very often I get into town so it made a nice change.

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