Gratitude Journal #64

We'll be taking out shares in the stuff at this rate!  E is still recovering from HSP and then both girls have had a tummy bug.  Its been fun...

Donating to the local food bank
The school has been doing a reverse advent calendar for the food bank during December. I must admit that I became quite frustrated with it, with the children having to take something in off a list every day. I'm more than happy to donate but when you have more than one child, it does become a little expensive. So I told the girls that instead, we would make a donation ourselves. Last week, we did a food shop and we added some extra items to the trolley for the donation baskets.  I'm grateful we're in a position where we can do so and for it not to make too much of a dent in the weekly shop and I think it's important for the girls to know that for other people life isn't quite so easy.  

The Polar Express
Last week we went on the Polar Express with D's Mum and our niece.  All three girls were poorly to some extent so we weren't convinced at how enjoyable it would be but once Calpol had been dispensed and they got into the swing of things, they all loved it. 

Spare Room
E had another rough night this week, waking frequently crying that she didn't feel well.  In the end, we took ourselves into the spare room and she finally settled to sleep. The whole of the double bed to sleep on and she stayed close to me all night.  Secretly though, I do quite like having her in with me!  

Christmas food shop
Oh man, I hate doing the food shop at the best of times, let alone the Christmas food shop!  It took me twice as long as it would normally and then even longer to put it all away when I got home. The only thing that made it all bearable was that I had saved Tesco stamps again this year and so after putting those towards it, I only had to pay £30 for the shop. I've had a mild panic here and there, wondering if I've forgotten anything. If I have, its not the end of the world, we can make do! 

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