Gratitude Journal #66

Usually, if the girls are about, I try to work in the evening but over the last week I've managed to do a few hours of work easily at home during the day whilst the girls have kept themselves amused with their new toys and helping D. 

Kitchen Worktops
They are all cut out, sealed and in place on top of the cabinets. Hurrah!  

Cross trainer
I've managed to hop on the cross trainer 3 days out of 5.  One of those days was particularly hard going when I was having a bad pain day - there have been a few recently - but I still managed it.

Dog Walks  
I've also managed to get out with Buddy for some walks. Its been nice to get out of the house and have some fresh air.  

Last week we took some bags of toys to the charity shop and some clothes to the clothes bank. My friend came to collect our Ikea kitchen as the girls no longer play with it and she took a big bag with all the accessories in it.  We all passed on some Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol bedding.  I love passing things on to friends if I know the items are going to be used and loved and I've asked my friend to pass the kitchen on to someone after (provided it's still usuable!)

New Books
This week I've started two new books, one of which I'm halfway through and will go back to as I was finding it hard going and a little bit dull. The other I'm almost finished and it's felt good to get lost in a book.  I've set myself a reading target of 25 books this year so this is a great start for me.   

I saw my friend R at the weekend, for the first time since school broke up.  She told me how clear and bright my skin was looking and asked if I had lost weight.  I've lost a few pounds, not enough for anyone else to notice (or so I thought) but was really pleased with the compliment about my skin.  Even now I'm in my late 30s I still get quite spotty, particularly around time of the month.  Over the Christmas break, I've barely worn makeup and I've been trying to drink more water so perhaps it has been helping.

Less attitude from E
As we neared the end of the school holidays, E's attitude has started to improve. After giving me grief for most of the hols!  It's a relief to get some respite from it - 7 year olds are hard!

Back to school
It is lunchtime on their first day back and honestly, I feel like a new woman.  I've done the food shop, put it all away and walked Buddy.  The dishwasher's been on and emptied and I've done two loads of washing.  And I've sat. In the quiet. No TV. No radio.  With no one shouting Mum and asking for a drink. Or complaining that the dog won't sit with them. Or they want to watch something different on the TV.... you get the idea!  

Something that I really struggle with as a Mum is not having that alone time.  I really look forward to my days off, more so when I have no plans, as it means I can just re-centre myself and go at my own pace.

Girl's Bedrooms
The girls had new beds for Christmas (and next year's birthdays), with desks, shelving and a chair underneath them.  We got them made up last weekend and they look fab. The girls are really pleased with them and love having somewhere to sit in their rooms and either draw or read.  The chairs pull out to make another bed so they have somewhere for friends to sleep if they have a sleepover.   It seems to have made a huge difference to T's room as she isn't the tidiest of children but since having the new bed, her room has been spotless. Well, almost spotless! Here's hoping it lasts!

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