Gratitude Journal #67

It has been somewhat of a testing week with the girls this week.  There has been a huge amount of bickering between them, they've been pushing their boundaries with me and the attitude. Oh. My. The. Attitude. It is unbearable and I find myself uttering some of the phrases my Mum and my friend's Mums used to utter when we were that age. Just when you think you've turned a corner and worked your way through that phase, it's back. With a vengence!

So, for some of this week's Gratitude Journal I have gone right back to basics, to remind myself just how lucky I am:

Two gorgeous girls.

An affectionate, daft and protective sausage dog that makes me laugh and loves to cuddle.

A warm and safe home with a loving family.

Cupboards full of food with no worries about how I will feed my family. 

Catching up with my friend L and her family at soft play, knowing that I am lucky to be able 
to take my children there.

The girls spending a few hours apart, one with me and the other with D whilst we were out and about.

The girls and D having lunch at Nanny and Grandads at the weekend. It means I have an hour to myself and they get to see their grandparents.

Reading a new book this week. 

Colouring my hair - it's a job I really don't like doing but I do like to get rid of the greys every now and then.  D was home from work early one day this week so I forced myself to do it whilst I had chance.  It came out a little darker than I would have liked but luckily it was a semi-permanent so its fading a little already.  

Flexible working - Last week I worked from home for a couple of the days, just so that I could enjoy the quiet! It was totally worth it.

What are you grateful for this week? 

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