Gratitude Journal #68

We are so close to completing it! The electrician came in last week to wire in the ovens and hob, as well as under cupboard lighting.  D has fitted the blinds and plumbed in the fridge - the girls are obsessed with being able to help themselves to cold water and ice. In fact, I've never seen T drink as much as she has been recently!  All that remains to be done is fitting the final bits of plumbing and then its just a few little niggly pieces to be finished.  Slowly but surely, I've made a start on moving some of the things through but I suspect it is going to be a slow process as I'm going through the cupboards as I do it to see what we no longer need.

Fibromyalgia Group
Last week I went to an introduction session at a Fibromyalgia group the hospital holds.  It was to explain a little about the course they were offering and what we could expect from it.  I was glad I attended and grateful for the opportunity but felt that it wasn't for me.

Hours up for January
January's always a tough month in terms of work and trying to keep my hours up with being off over the Christmas period. Luckily this year I've managed it and I'm very relieved about that too.

Clean Bedrooms
This week, the girls decided that they wanted to tidy their bedrooms.  They used an obscene amount of polish between them but it was well worth the peace it gave me, as well as saving me a job. 

Dance Class
Last week was E's first dance class of the year. She said that she thought she might stop dancing and it turned out that she was a little nervous about going back as the classes have had a change around and she didn't think she would know anyone in the new group. I told her to try one class and if she didn't like it, she didn't have to go anymore.  Well, the class was a success.  The teacher has taken a stricter stance with them and is pushing them more.  I think E had become a little bored and wasn't being pushed enough in the previous group, which she hadn't moved up from in the three years of going. When I asked about it, I was told she wasn't quite ready or there wasn't room. In last week's lesson, she was more animated and moving about more than I've seen her in a very long time and she was beaming.  As much as I would love to give up sitting in a cold village hall for an hour, I'm pleased she enjoyed it so much.

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  1. Your girls wanted to clean their bedrooms? Wow, could they have a word with my boys?! #TwinklyTuesday