Gratitude Journal #69

Charity Shop Bargain
D will always look in the charity shop for me to see if there's anything that is cheap and suitable for a revamp. This weekend he found me a bedside cabinet that had some water damage to the top of it, which will be easy to sand down and paint over - £3!  

Sunday Breakfast
Yesterday I headed off to our local Wetherspoons to meet L and M for breakfast. We were all childfree, which meant we could have a good chat without any interruptions.

Heated Cushion
D brought me a heated cushion for Christmas, which I was a little bemused with, I have to admit. This weekend though I have been so grateful for it as my back and hip pain has flared up and the heat has been helping a little.

Good Behaviour
I am very grateful that this weekend both the girls were well behaved, but particularly E who can be extremely challenging on a Saturday. I put it down to being tired after a week at school and running around at football on a Friday night.

E standing up for herself at school
We've started to encounter the mean girls at school.  I've always told my girls, right from the start of nursery that we play with everyone and not to leave them out. I tell its better to play with lots of friends so that they always have someone to play with.  Obviously, children will pair off and play with who they want. For the last couple of weeks, E's friend L, hasn't been letting her join in with her friendship group at lunchtimes.  So I gave her a bit of a pep talk. I reminded her about playing with others and told her she might have more fun trying to join in with some different friends.  I told her that not everyone has to play with her but that the next time this girl said something she should try standing up to her and to tell her that it wasn't up to her to decide who was allowed to play or not.  

She came home last week and told me that she had been told by L she wasn't allowed to play again so E told her that it wasn't kind to tell her that and how would she like it if she was never allowed to join in and play. With that, the girl shrugged her shoulders and said fine... and they all ended up playing together.

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