Gratitude Journal #72

Half Term
Last week was half term. We survived! Our previous track record with half terms has always been a bit hit and miss with one of the girls usually being poorly but I'm hopeful we've broken it. We had a good week but, as ever, I'm glad to get back to a routine!

Food Shop and Preparation
I've started the week by doing a big food shop and as soon as I got home sorted all of the storage tubs out.  All I've washed and chopped as much of the fruit and veg as I can so that it's all ready for us to grab as and when we need it.  This is where having a larger fridge is proving useful!

Meal Planning
Further in my attempts to keep organised, I've even managed to plan our meals for this week.  I'm the first to admit that I'm not at ll consistent with this but I do try.

Keeping Dry
I'm grateful that we're keeping dry with the wet and windy weather we have been having recently.  I am looking forward to it drying out a little though so I can get out in my garden!

Last year we were filmed for a TV programme. Forgive me for sounding cagey as to what the programme is but I do like to try to keep some anonymity! This week it has finally aired and we have had a great response to it - long may it continue!

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