Gratitude Journal #73

Parent's Evening
We had the girls' parent's evening last week. They are both doing amazingly with As and Bs for effort and with them both sitting above where they should be.  I'm particularly pleased with T as she is doing very well with maths, needing new challenges to keep her interested.  I'm terrible at maths, failing it at GCSE, so it's nice to think that she's not going to take after me in that respect.

Work Event
Last week we had a business award event to attend.  I wore the same dress as last year (very grateful it still fit me!) and it was a good night.  Even though we didn't win, we were down to three finalists which is still great.  I was sat with the two women I share my office with and feel grateful to work with two colleagues that I get on really well with. We all support each other and understand each others ups and downs, strengths and weaknesses and it is nice to have that.

A good relationship with my in-laws
I've spoken to a few friends recently who have complained about their in-laws to me and it has made me realise how lucky I am to get on so well with mine. We lived with them for a number of years and we work together. When I went to the work event mentioned above, I went with them whilst D looked after the girls.  It isn't something I take for granted because I know how much we owe them.  

I am very grateful that there are, to date, no cases in our county and whilst I know it is extremely unlikely, I hope that it will stay that way.  I am grateful that if needs be I can work from home and I am grateful that we have a reasonably full pantry helping with my peace of mind. 

Children's Party
Yesterday we took the children to soft play for yet another party.  D came along with me so that he could keep an eye on E (as the invite was only for T, we paid for E to go along too).  It was nice to get out of the house and chat to some of the other parents, even if it was at soft play.  The girls had a great time and afterwards we went to do our food shop. That's always 'fun' when we go as a family but it saved me having to do it on my day off.


  1. I loved my mother in law so much. She has been in heaven for over a decade, and I still miss her. It's great that you have a good relationship with your inlaws.

  2. Lovely cheery post! And yes, getting on with your in laws is a lucky blessing! #TwinklyTuesday

  3. What a lovely week you have had! I too am thankful that the Coronavirus is steering clear of us (for now!). Enjoy what is left of this week #TwinklyTuesday