Gratitude Journal #75

Life is all feeling very strange at the moment. I've been keeping a journal, of sorts, about what's going on and how I feel about it all but I haven't been about here for a couple of while. It's been a combination of not wanting to write and not having the time to write with the children around me.

Whilst we are safe indoors (safe, not stuck), now is as important a time as ever for me to concentrate on what I am grateful for. So, in no particular order:

Mother's Day
I was very spoilt this year for Mother's Day including a small gift that the girls chose me at school via a scheme the 'Friends of' hold each year.

T's Birthday
T turned 6 last weekend. Unfortunately we had to cancel her birthday party, which was a joint party with my friend L's little girl at soft play.  They were both very disappointed, understandably so, but we have promised we will take them for a day out instead once we are able to do so.   T was lucky to have so many lovely gifts from family and friends and has some new things to occupy her whilst we are at home. 

Having a garden
Whilst we are staying indoors, we have been making the most of our garden.  The girls have been playing on their bikes, scooters and trampoline.  They made a nest for the birds that visit the garden as well as bug hotels.  Last week I cut the grass, cleared our driveway and set some seeds.  

Black humour. Any humour. It's all helping at the moment. It's good to laugh and forget, even if just for a moment, all the craziness that is taking place.

I am grateful to the NHS for all the wonderful work they are doing in such difficult circumstances. It is not a job that I would want to be doing at the best of times.

Keeping Safe
D is classed as a key worker but luckily we are a small business working in an environment where workers can keep their distance from each other.  The business is now closed to the public, helping to minimise risk.

I am grateful that I am able to work from home around my family. I am beyond grateful that 
we are staying inside, venturing out only for food shopping. I have been out twice in the last 10 days. Even when I feel a little stir crazy at the thought of being home. 

My little Bud.  He's absolutely loving having us all at home and has kept us all entertained being his usual cheeky self. I think he can probably sense my anxiety too as come evening, once the children are in bed, he's straight over to me where he will stay for the night. 

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  1. I love this for so many reasons. So many things to be thankful in a very unthankful time.

    Also, our dog is named Buddy. I am new here, so not sure what kind of pet you have but I love that we both have a support animal named Buddy. Ours lives up to his name for sure. :)