Lockdown Journal : 26 March 2020

Ten days since I last wrote. And what a ten days it has been.  

Since then, we have had Government briefings on a daily basis, each sharing a little more information.  We've been told to work from home where possible. No non-essential travel. On Wednesday it was announced that the schools would close that Friday for the foreseeable future.  No end date in sight but I anticipate that they won't reopen until September. 

So we are now on lockdown, although it is being referred to as 'staying at home'.  We can only go our for essential food shops, work (if we can't work from home), medical appointments and exercise, e.g. walking the dog. We can't see friends or family.

The roads are much quieter with fewer cars and people walking about.  

Work-wise, the shop has closed. We are allowed to stay open under the Government rules but because the website has become so busy, the decision was made to close it for the foreseeable future. It is simply impossible to keep the shelves filled whilst picking orders.  That was a shock, who'd have thought a pandemic would have made us as busy as we are?!

Food shopping is still a pain. People have been panic buying and now everything is limited to three of a product, even on fruit and veg. Whilst I understand, I don't think it should apply to fruit and veg because surely it is better to encourage people to be eating healthier at a time like this?  I ordered a fresh fruit and veg box from a local company so I'm hoping that will be of good quality and if it is, I can order again.

I am very grateful that we still have the old freezer and that I had done a big shop before things went seriously crazy. Luckily there's lots in there that E will eat. I don't worry about T because she eats most things but E is still so picky with food. That said, the last couple of days she has been eating bananas, which she normally complains about. And she asked for rice for dinner last night - unheard of!

I've been worrying about how I am going to keep them amused whilst we are off and how I can juggle that with work. Monday and Tuesday were horrendous but yesterday and today (so far!) have been better.  On Tuesday, I cut the grass whilst they played in the garden. I sorted out the tubs on the driveway and did a fair bit of weeding and set some seeds.  

It was T's birthday on Sunday. We had a buffet dinner and MiL made her a big chocolate cake.  She had lots of lovely presents and some messages from her friends but it wasn't quite the day we had hoped for and she was still disappointed that her birthday party was cancelled. 

I've been texting R to see how she is getting on. A bit worried about her to be honest because she says she is showing symptoms.  Short of breath, chest pain and shivering.  She has health anxiety anyway and it could be that this is playing a part in it but she has been so worried about catching it incase anything happens to the kids. It doesn't bear thinking about.

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