Lockdown Journal : 28 March 2020

Its been a tough couple of days. The girls are struggling with being at home and around each other all of the time.  Me too, kids. Me too.

I read a quote yesterday though which did put things into perspective. It was a reminder that whilst we are finding being at home hard, it has only been a few days. Anne Frank did it for over 700 days. Not only that, but she had to tiptoe around and be as quiet as possible for fear of discovery.  

Whilst we might feel like we are going a little (or a lot, of course!) stir crazy, in the grand scheme of things, we are so very lucky.  We have our own, safe home with mod cons. We have access to the internet, phones, TV, social media. We have a garden to play in, books to read and toys to play with. We have food, drink and heating and for all of those reasons, we should be grateful.

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