Twinkly Tuesday | Taking a break

Hello!  Thanks for popping by this Tuesday morning.  

Unfortunately there is no Twinkly Tuesday this week.  My apologies for the short notice but with everything being as chaotic as it is - I am, of course, talking about the corona virus - life has been a bit of a blur and it just doesn't feel quite right with the gravity of the situation.  

I do hope you all understand.  Pop back soon.  

Take care, keep safe and keep washing your hands x


  1. Take it easy, Kate, btw ur page crashed twice.

  2. I understand your feelings and decision but can I also advise, doing as many things you 'normally' do is better for your mental health. It feels like less is taken from you. Also the connection will make you feel better. But, like me this week, I couldn't think of anything to write that anyone would possibly want to read, so I just linked up old posts. So I get it. But sometimes going through the motions is enough to pick you up a bit. Hang in there, take care!! See you when I see you.