Gratitude Journal #76

This week I am grateful for:

Having food in our freezer and cupboards so I don't have to worry about tackling the food shop.

Having the children at home with me, even when they are driving me to the edge of distraction.

Cleaning - it's helping me to feel a bit more in control of things when everything feels too much. I swear that my house will never be this clean again!

My family and friends all staying safe and healthy at home.

The girls being able to Facetime their friends.

My in-laws pulling in on their way home from shopping (we are on their route home) and waving and chatting to the girls from the window. And dropping us off a chocolate cake. It really lifted the girl's moods. And it was good for me to have some adult conversation with someone other than D, even if it was only for a few minutes! 

As it's out in the middle of nowhere, on Saturday we went with D to sort the animals out. We parked up and had a nice long walk along the river.  It was just what we all needed and it wore Buddy out, which is always a bonus.

This weekend, the girls decided that they were ready to have their stabilisers off their bikes so that they could learn to ride them properly.  We warned them that it would take time, they would probably fall off and wobble on them lots but that they had to keep on trying. And that's exactly what they did! Sunday saw them spend a good chunk of the day on the bikes, practicing over and over again and they've got it.  We were so proud of them because they kept on at it. 

E has lost three teeth within the space of a week. She usually gets a little upset but for the last two she was an absolute star. One came out as she ate her lunch and the other came out when Buddy jumped up at her. I was grateful for the lack of drama!

And today, I am very grateful because the kids have played well together all day. They've spent almost 5 hours out in the garden before coming inside and playing together in their bedrooms.  It was nice not having to amuse them and not having to act as negotiator in their bickering.

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