Gratitude Journal #77

I've spent most of this week feeling incredibly grateful for my family and friend's health.  In the last few days, I've heard that two of T's classmates have lost family members, a Grandad and a father.  I'm hearing of more friends-of-friends becoming unwell and, of course, we have the daily death toll announcement.  I'm so grateful that we are all keeping well and of course I hope it stays that way.

I'm grateful we have good technology to help keep us occupied through lockdown and a good wifi connection.  The girls are able to complete school work and I am able to work from home and, of course, we are able to keep in touch with family and friends. Without it, we would be experiencing a very different lockdown.   

Bike Ride
Over the last 2-3 weeks, the girls have learned to ride their bikes without their stabilisers. This week, D took the girls for a bike ride along a river near to us.  They did 3 and a half miles, which I think was pretty good considering.  

What was really nice about it though, was that I stayed at home and enjoyed the quiet - it was complete bliss!

Casual Learning
I must admit that I have been finding home teaching really quite stressful.  I'm not a natural teacher!  I log in to social media and see all these lessons planned, people baking with their children every few days or building some amazing models alongside a topic for the children to learn about.  And I admit, it made me feel quite guilty and inadequate about my efforts. 

But, we're still working. We're reading and writing, doing lots of maths and the tasks the school sets us. The girls are spending lots of time outside in the garden, on their trampolines or bikes, and just playing. For us, I feel like keeping things casual is better for us.  I know my limits and I still have to work and do everything else on top.

Food Packages and socially distanced visits
The girls may not be able to 'properly' see their grandparents but they have seen them from a distance. When they've passed the house, they've pulled in to the drive and see them from the window.  They've dropped them off treats and over the last week, they've sent us some food over, which has been amazing as it has meant I've had a break from cooking!

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