Lockdown Journal : 14 April 2020

"Even when we can't control the situation around us, we can always choose where we are directing our attention".

I spotted this quote earlier.  I thought it was a good reminder with how things are at the moment.  I know what is happening in the world and it is a horrible time for all concerned but that doesn't mean I need to give it all of my attention.  I don't need to consume the news constantly and some sort of 'normality' needs to continue.

Week 4 of lockdown.  The death toll yesterday in the UK was 11,329.  It's thought to be much higher though as for some reason that doesn't include care homes. The news is currently suggesting it will be another three weeks of lockdown, at least.

I had a poor night's sleep. I was awake at 2.30 and I was still awake at 3.40, then waking every 20 minutes or so. Awake at 5.30.  I was a bit worried I might have been coming down with something as I was either too hot or cold and my back and hip were agony, a little like when I was poorly in December.  

The girls are telling me that they are fed up of being at home and being stuck in the house all the time. Because we live in the town centre, I've not taken them out much on my own, I've been worried about being too close to people walking down the streets with no room to move.  They told me that they just want to be back at school.

I've just had to bring them in from the garden as they're having an amazingly loud screaming fit. E has gone to her room, T is sat colouring.  Some days they get on brilliantly and then other days are like this.

I spent an hour and a half in the garden earlier, weeding and pottering around. It felt good to be moving about and doing something and I need to be doing more of it.  

At the weekend, we went with D to sort the animals. The girls took their bikes and we took them for a walk along the river.  They did brilliantly along their considering the road is bumpy and full of big dips.  

E is now whizzing around on her electric scooter too, whereas before she was unsteady on it. 

Work is crazy busy.  When this first started, we thought he might be able to have a few days off here and there but he hasn't been able to.  I did a few hours, locked away in the kitchen over the weekend, which has helped boost my hours a little, as well as giving me a little peace! Although T will insist on coming in and speaking to me about all the things she could ask D!

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