Lockdown Journal : 16 April 2020

As I sit writing this, it is 10.35am and today may well be the day I flip.  The girls have been playing outside for an hour and have been shouting and screaming at each other the whole time. T has been hitting her scooter in the gate so the whole thing vibrates against the house and keeps pulling at E whenever she goes near her. And E is being vile to T.  So I have sent them both to their rooms where they will be staying for at least 15 minutes!

Despite all of their toys, TV and tablets, they're complaining about being bored.  They're complaining about not seeing their friends. Not being at school. Not seeing Nanny. Daddy being at work. About each other. That I'm boring. Reading is boring. Everything is boring!  

It must be hard for them to understand or appreciate the stress and enormity of the situation.  They have no way of knowing how exhausting it is as a parent to juggle parenting, work, housework and keeping them happy. 

Work is really hard going at the moment.  We are low in stock and experiencing delays in sending orders out because we are so inundated with orders.  Our social media pages are filled with messages and comments from people complaining about this. I know I shouldn't take it personally and that it is just how social media is but some of them are just plain nasty.  So entitled, as though we should have been able to predict a global pandemic?!

I finally tried my clothes order on from Simply Be. I was relieved everything fitted me and because I really liked the black top I ordered, I went straight back on the website and ordered another two! 

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