Lockdown Journal : 22 April 2020

I've woken up with another headache this morning.  Nearly every day of lockdown has seen me with a headache at some point. I'm foggy headed and not feeling well.  I've had a pain under my armpit for a week or so and I have some chest paint and feel a bit breathless. I'm guessing it's just a bad pain day. I think the headaches are related to the TMD because I've been really conscious of the tension in my jaw recently.

As is the norm these days, the girls have been in the garden for ages already. I've had to go out and tell them off for smearing mud all over the playhouse windows, what's that all about?

Last night before bed, I saw another fox trotting into our drive, carrying something in it's mouth.  They are obviously enjoying the quieter nights and taking advantage of how little traffic is about.  I've also seen an owl and bats but still no deer.

I saw our neighbour go out this morning.  She came back 20 minutes later, carrying a paper. Clearly an essential journey!  It's hard not to notice when we aren't supposed to be going out unless it's essential.  Then, she stood outside the front of our house for 15 minutes talking to two people who were walking up the road.  All looked over the age of 70 (one had a walker), none of them stood apart. It seems that not everyone is worried about social distancing.

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