Lockdown Journal : 27 April 2020

This too shall pass.

Trying to be positive today but honestly, I am just so over all of this. I just want the children to be back at school and to get back to some sort of normality. I'm waking up headachey and restless every day at the thought of having another day at home alone with the girls whilst D works.

Yesterday I was really grumpy and snappy at everything so I went to the office for a couple of hours, just so I could get out.  Then I went and did some food shopping.  I really wanted to get some hair dye but they were sold out of the brand I wanted.

I ordered myself a FitBit on eBay and it arrived yesterday.  We aren't off to a good start, I fully charged it up, it showed as working and synced ok but then the battery went flat within an hour. Brilliant.

Whilst at work yesterday, I printed off some worksheets for the girls and printed some extra off for L's girls.  I dropped them off on the way home and we had a little chat, them at their front door and me at the gate. It doesn't feel right having to keep so far away but it was good to have a little catch up.

I have had zero motivation today to do anything.  I pushed myself to trip our bed and hoover upstairs.  I need to clean the windows again, they are covered in finger prints and Buddy has left snout marks.  I am so fed up of cleaning windows. And cleaning generally. It's never ending!

Yesterday was the lowest death toll in a few weeks. At last.  Boris Johnson is back at No 10 today, it will be interesting to see what he has to say in the press conference.

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