Lockdown Journal : 29 April 2020

The UK death toll now stands at 26,097.  Scotland is telling people to wear face masks when out and about whilst our lockdown is due to be reviewed on 7th May. That feels like weeks and weeks away.

The last few nights, I have had night sweats. I'm waking up in the mornings clammy and with my t-shirt stuck to me.  So attractive. This morning I woke up feeling red hot with my hands and face feeling like they are burning. No temperature though and D said I wasn't hot to touch.  I'm starting to think it might be hormonal, I've only had one period since November.  I've still been having some breathlessness and chest pain but I think its anxiety and stress related because I have been noticing it when the girls are playing up and I'm telling them off. It isn't constant.

I haven't been able to stop thinking about T's little school friend, B and her family. It was her Dad's funeral on Friday. I hadn't known he had died but D read something in the paper. He took his own life and all sorts of things are being said about it, as happens in these scenarios. I just can't stop thinking about his lovely girls. B and T are so very alike, I think that's why they get on so well.

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