Lockdown Journal : 3 March 2020

Mum is off to Morocco on holiday for a week. She's going with my Stepdad and grandparents.  

I've said to her that I think they should be looking to cancel it.  They all have health concerns, one of my grandparents has a heart condition and they are both over 70.  

Mum wants to come up and visit for a few days when she returns before they fly off to Spain at the end of the month. We haven't seen her since December and I'm not sure we'll be seeing her any time soon.   Even if they are all lucky enough to stay healthy and avoid the virus, they will have no way of knowing if any of them is a carrier for it. I've suggested coming down another time but it's been left open to discuss.

They have no idea who they will come into contact with at the airport. Who could be infectious and any issues with hygiene.  Mum said she thinks I'm overreacting and that 
she will follow the guidelines to keep safe. Apparently, at the moment there are no cases in Morocco.  I can't help but feel uneasy and that she might be being a little naive. 

D has taken the girls to his parents to sort the animals out and have breakfast. I'm going to sit here, with my coffee and enjoy the peace whilst it lasts.

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  1. Hi, Kate!
    Just popping in to see what's up in your world.
    Take care--stay healthy and hopeful!