Lockdown Journal : 6 April 2020

It is week 3 of lockdown.  Looking back over the last 2 weeks, the days have felt very long but it feels as though it has actually gone by quite quickly.

Yesterday, I woke up in a really foul mood. Snapping at everyone. I am so desperate for some time on my own. I'm missing my Mondays and Thursdays off. I sat in the kitchen for hours at the weekend, working, which helped a little but it really isn't the same.

On Saturday, we went with D to do the animals and walked with Buddy along the river. Getting out of the house, getting some fresh air and a change of scenery did us all some good. 

After lunch, D took the stabilisers off the kids bikes and I popped to Tesco.  It felt very surreal. Queueing to get in, lots of people wearing gloves and face masks.  I'm still unsure about whether to wear gloves or not but I saw a shop locally selling a box so went and grabbed some. If nothing else, they will be handy when I colour my hair.  I also order a box of face masks from eBay last week but I think I will also have a go at making some. 

So far, this morning is going well.  The kids asked me for some of their baby clothes for their toy dolls and monkeys. They're now in E's room playing quite nicely together. Who knows how long that'll last!

As of this morning:

Boris Johnson is in hospital with the virus.
UK deaths sit at 4,934
Japan has said they are about to declare a state of emergency.
The Queen did a speech last night.

Everything feels so strange, as though its a dream and I'm watching from the sidelines. 

After approximately 4 hours outside on their bikes, the girls have got it and can ride their bikes! T wanted her stabilisers back on but we kept them off and she kept on trying. Her legs are covered in bruises but her little face! She was so proud of herself for learning and I'm so proud of both of them!  They didn't fall off anywhere near as much as I expected them to, I'm quite surprised at how quickly they have both got it. 

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