Lockdown Journal : 7 April 2020

The girls played brilliantly together today, until about 3pm when they decided they were going to come in and play in T's bedroom. Then all hell broke loose and I immediately remembered how grateful I am we live in a detached house because they had a long, screamy argument. I didn't catch it all and ended up leaving them to it. I can't attend every fight as a negotiator, they need to learn to resolve it themselves too.  I heard T saying to E "... that was ages ago, you should have forgiven me for that by now..." which just cracked me up. I ended up laughing away to myself. And then worrying about what they are going to be like in their teens!

It has been a lovely bright and warm day. The kids spent most of it outside.  I sat on the drive with them whilst they were on their bikes.  I am encouraging them to be outside as much as possible away from the TV, their tablets and me.  I does them good to be away from their grumpy mum and to burn off some energy.

I need to start moving about more myself. I'm conscious that I am not moving about anywhere near as much as I would normally be and I'm feeling a little sluggish. My back is sore and tight. Must work on this.

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