Lockdown Journal : 9 March 2020

We've just had the Mayor's Business Awards.  Unfortunately we didn't win, again, but it was a good night out.

It had looked as though the event was going to be cancelled due to the Coronavirus but the organisers decided that it would go ahead. As soon as we sat down for the nominations, we were advised that the usual etiquette would be off the table.  No hand shakes or hugs would be required and we were all welcome to keep our distance.  I was relieved to hear it, I'm not big on hugging strangers.

As it was, everyone ignored the advice.  They were bounding up on stage, with kisses on cheeks, bear hugs and hand shakes.  Seemingly, no one is concerned that it could reach our town.   Perhaps it's just me and I'm worrying over something that won't happen?  

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