Corona Virus Through a Child's Eyes

I spotted this Q & A floating around on Facebook today and I thought I'd get my two to answer them.  They enjoyed answering the questions and I thought it would be both a good way to get them talking about it, as well as having something to look at this time next year.

1. What is the Corona virus?
E: It is a virus similar to flu that is keeping us all separated and isolated for a long time.
T: It's making people poorly and dead.

2. Who is the Prime Minister?
E: Boris Johnson.
T:  I don't really know.

3. How many days have we been in?
E: 11 weeks.
T: 11 weeks.

4. Do you want to go back to school?
E: Yes, because I can do art, maths, English, science, topic and geography and on Friday afternoons I can choose.
T: Yes, same for me.

5. Who is the first person you are going to hug when lockdown ends?
E: That's a tricky one.  I think it will be A-L and E, M-J, K and Nanny.
T: Nanny, T and M. A-L and E.

6. Where is the first place you want to go after lockdown?
E: I would like to go to the zoo and soft play.
T: I would like to go to the zoo too because I didn't get to go for my birthday. And soft play because I didn't have my party.

7. What do you think we can do to get rid of the Corona virus?
E: Stay home. Try to work from home if you can. Try not to go out and wash your hands regularly. Protect the NHS and save lives.
T: I don't know. Stay home and stay away from each other. 

8. Is Mummy a good teacher?
E: Yes. And a good hairdresser because she cut my fringe neatly and we do fun work like homework on google classrooms.
T: (Lots of laughing) Probably a bit of yes and a bit of no (more laughing - thanks T!)

9. How did the Corona Virus start?
E: The virus started in China in 2020.  We don't know how it started. 
T: When people died.

10. If you had to wear protective clothing to help you what would it be?
E:  It would be a face mask some gloves, an apron and one of those special hats. And some shoes. 
T:  A mask and I don't know. 

11. Are you enjoying lockdown?
E: No because I want to go and see my friends.
T: No because we can't see each other. 

I actually really enjoyed doing this with them! T is 6 and E 7, so it was good to see what they thought about what is happening through this pandemic. As expected, T has shown she understands a little bit of what is going on and E has more awareness about it all.  She also seems to have taken all the adverts to heart as she has got the advice pretty much spot on!  

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