Gratitude Journal #78

I'm feeling really rather lazy being at home at the moment.  I know I'm not getting anywhere near as much exercise as I would normally, with running around work and to and from school. So I decided to buy myself another FitBit.  I do not have a great track record with FitBit (which you can read about in My Seven FitBits!), but I do like the concept and I prefer it to the Gear Fit which I had a couple of years ago.  

Anyway, I decided to buy a refurbished one on eBay, thinking that I wouldn't be losing out on too much money if it broke.  It arrived, I charged it up fully and within an hour of wearing, the battery went flat. Brilliant, I thought, now I remember why I steered clear of them.  I popped it on charge again and in the meantime, emailed the buyer to ask what they thought the problem could be.  Within an hour they emailed me back to say that they had refunded me in full and there was no need to return the Fitbit.   Needless to say, I went back to try it again on the off chance it would work.... and it does! It won't sync to the app but the watch works otherwise and it's giving me a virtual kick up the bum to move about.

Socially Distanced Visits
Last weekend I dropped some activity sheets off for my friend's girls at her door, rang the bell and waited behind the gate. It was really nice to see them and I can't wait to see them all properly. 

My in-laws have stopped by a couple of times on the way through to work and have had a little chat with the girls through the window which they've loved and it seems to really cheer them up.  

And last Thursday. My in-laws stopped by on the way to work. And in the evening, my bestie and her family walked down to ours to drop off letters and pictures for the girls. We had a chat, from the end of the driveway and it was lovely, although it did feel very strange not inviting them in for a coffee and having a hug goodbye.  E has been very quiet and has seemed quite sad, seeing her best friend really lifted her mood. 

School Work
I swing between feeling quite stressed that I'm not doing enough school work and feeling OK with it.  We do about an hour a day of the work that school sets, along with reading and learning games on the tablet. I did message T's teacher because we have had a spell of T not wanting to do anything other than maths but she's put my mind at rest and now I'm just trying to go with the flow.  I know that a number of the Mums I've spoken to are struggling to get their children to do anything so I'm grateful that we're getting something done, if not all of it.

Premium Bonds
I had an email to say I had a win on the premium bonds this week.  Is there anything more exciting than that email.... followed by the disappointment when you see it isn't the big win? I'm grateful to have a small win than no win, it brightened up my day.

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