Gratitude Journal #79

My Workroom
This month marks 5 years of living in our home.  This weekend, we've finally made a start on my craft/work room.  I know it won't be a quick process as we need to put up plasterboard, get it plastered, etc but I am so excited at the prospect of getting it done.  Since moving, all of my craft things, bar my sewing box and a few buttons, have been packed away in boxes where I can't get to them.  The thought of having it all out, to hand whenever the urge to make something takes me fills me with joy.

I've dabbled with yoga over the years but I have never really got stuck into it, doing it regularly.  This past week I have done a short practice morning and evening and I'm loving it.  I'm not all that flexible and some of the poses are easier than others but I hope that with time I will improve.  Mentally, I do feel a little brighter and calmer for doing it so that is as good a reason as any to keep with it.

Good Days

I'm finding I have a few good days and then there will be a low one where we're all a bit snappy and fed up and the day will just drag on and on.  I'm thankful we're having more of the good days than low.

With fewer cars on the road in the evening and fewer people walking on our road, we have seen a lot of foxes over the past few weeks. I say a lot of foxes, I suspect it is a family. They use our driveway as a walk-through. I've seen one carrying something in its mouth, another waiting for its mate and last week I saw a cub. It has always surprised me to see them in the town centre but I do love spotting them.

Socially Distanced Catch-up
On Sunday, I met up with my best friend and we took Buddy for a long walk.  It was really lovely to see her and to have a chat without the girls interrupting us.  My two were very annoyed that they couldn't tag along and from what I gather, her girls were too.  We ended up walking for just over an hour and because she grew up in our town and I didn't, she showed me a few different walking routes to do along the way.  By the time we got home, Buddy was completely shattered and didn't move for the rest of the night.

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