Lockdown Journal : 10 May 2020

Stay positive. Storms don't last forever.

Blimey, it's been a really long week. Lockdown was due for review on the 7th and then the Government announced that Boris would make a speech/address the nation at 7pm tonight.  I wish they would just get on and announce whatever it is they are going to say, I hate waiting for anything!

Yesterday, whilst I went into the office and did the food shop, D took the kids for a bike ride.  Just under 4 miles, going along the main road. So proud of them considering they've only been properly riding their bikes since lockdown started. They really want me to go out with them too but I don't think I'm brave enough. I don't know whether my bike will take my weight now and I need to get a helmet too.  When I got home from the office they were both tired and grumpy, which was a blast. E was still awake after 10pm though, as she has been for the last week or so, she just says that she can't sleep. Hope we crack whatever the issue is soon because she is definitely a child that needs her sleep.

D and the girls have gone to sort out the animals today.  I've just done some yoga, had breakfast and generally pottered about. Yesterday was gorgeous, with a bright blue sky and lots of sunshine. Today is the opposite: cold, grey and breezy.

This week we went to the in-laws and used their garden. It was also their day off so we had a socially distanced catch up.  It's a hard one, I know some people will be disapproving of it but we do all see each other at work and home anyway.  Regardless, it did us all some good and the girls enjoyed the playing somewhere different. 

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