Lockdown Journal : 11 May 2020

Day #5698 of lockdown.  Every day feels like groundhog day.

D had a bit of a grumble before going to work about the playroom and how much stuff there is everywhere. Yep, that's because he buys them so much and they have nowhere to store it all!  After he left we did give it a bit of a tidy up, the girls were keen to sort some bits out for the charity shop but until they re-open, it'll just be sat around in bags. I'm not sure which is worse really.

Last night was the PM's speech.  It all felt a bit of a let down. Ambiguous in places and open for interpretation. We still can't see family and friends properly but we can go out to exercise more than once a day.  Nothing was said about facemasks.  They are looking at re-opening schools in June to reception, year 1 and year 6. If that's the case, it doesn't look like we will be sending T back. 

Hairdressers don't re-open until July.  That's going to stick in my mind because E asked me to trim her fringe this week, which I did and then she asked if I could cut the rest of her hair - I haven't!  I did give T's a little trim though, just to get rid of the scraggly ends.  Now I just need to do my fringe and, if I'm brave enough, the rest of it. ...

July. Is that when everything else will re-open? I can't imagine staying in until then.  We have pretty much done the equivalent of the summer holidays but without going anywhere.  At least in the holidays we can get out to the beach, shopping, soft play etc.  

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