Lockdown Journal : 4 May 2020

I am having a lot of hot flushes at the moment. I hate them. I feel clammy, as though I am going to pass out and then I feel sick.  I'm pretty sure it is hormonal and I had a chat with my MiL who thinks it is too, so when I did the food shop yesterday I also popped into the pharmacy to pick up some Evening Primrose Oil and Black Cohosh.  Of course, it might just be another fibro 'thing' or even stress. Who knows...

Last night I slept with a sheet over me for the night with the fan on and windows open.  I slept ok but work at 5 feeling freezing cold. I covered myself up and then woke at 6, boiling hot.  I don't regulate my body temperature very well anyway, throwing hot flushes into the mix is going to be an interesting combination.  I dread summer as it is anyway!

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