Gratitude Journal #80

Gratitude Journal #80

Understanding Teachers
Throughout lockdown, I have been unable to fault our school and teachers, they have been brilliant.  And that goes before lockdown too. They have sent us regular newsletters home to tell us about how they are caring for the key workers children, the changes they are making to the school and to share links and information with us.  

I have had cause to email both girls teachers throughout the however-many-weeks we are now at. Firstly, with T, to request some more maths work. Her teacher was more than obliging, telling me where to find it on the school system and providing me with further sites we could use.  

A few weeks ago, I had to email E's teacher because we were having some difficulties in getting her to complete any of the work set. It didn't help that the book they were centering work around, was incredibly dull.  In the end, we decided to do some learning around different topics, using her Horrible Histories books for inspiration.  I emailed her teacher who was more than happy with us following this course of action if she wasn't enjoying the work and said that if we were to email it through, she would be happy to mark it and if E was happy with it, share with the class.  Since then, happily, E has been completing a little more work than she had been but we have also done a few projects ourselves, including a look at the Victorians, Ancient Eygpt, Florence Nightingale, Roald Dahl and Charles Dickens.  

Easy Cooking
I don't know about anyone else but I am finding that I am getting SO fed up of cooking all the time. I simply have no motivation to do it.  Unfortunately though, not cooking is not an option, so I've been making the most of simpler meals.

Socially Distanced Picnic
Last weekend we had a socilly distanced picnic in my in-laws garden with my friend and her children.  They were all brilliantly behaved and its been so lovely to catch up with friends where possible.

Feeling Crafty
D has been working on what will become my craft room and I don't know whether it is the prospect of finally having somewhere I can keep all my things and leave what I am working on out or what but I've been feeling really inspired recently.  There is so much I want to be making.  

A couple of weeks ago, the children found a 'my first cross stitch kit' in the presents cupboard - unsurprisingly we haven't had to dig into it much this year!  They gave me one to do and I enjoyed doing it so much that I brought myself one to do.  Can't tell you how much I'm enjoying it and it's led to me ordering myself some blank aida fabric and threads to have a go at designing my own.  

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