Gratitude Journal #81

We had a few bits on last week, more than we have done since lockdown began and it made all the difference to me and the girls

Day to myself
My inlaws had the girls for a few hours and it was amazing.  I haven't felt so relaxed in a long, long time and it did the girls some good too.

Meet the teacher sessions
The girls each had a session with their new teachers last week. E already knew hers, having had her cover for other teachers over the years and she was actually one of the teachers who helped her overcome her shyness in reception.  I think E will do well with her this year. T was a complete surprise, she was the first into the classroom and barely gave me a second glance as she went in. 

It did feel rather strange going into school, being the first time we've been back since March. They've implemented a one-way system around the school and gave all the children a pump of hand sanitiser before they were allowed into the classroom. It all felt very safe and reassuring and I was happy leaving them there.

The break apart from each other did the girls some good too. E wouldn't admit it but had clearly missed T because when we got home, they disappeared to play in the garden for a couple of hours! 

Work Room
This weekend, the plasterer popped out to have a look at my workroom and to confirm he could fit the job in.  Provided we can get hold of some plaster - which is apparently hard to get hold of at the moment - he can come and get it done in the next week or two. Hurrah!  

So yesterday was spent trying to clear the room out.  With renovating, we're finding that we end up moving a lot of stuff about whilst we sort out a room.  Our conservatory (which will eventually be rebuilt) is currently being used as a storage room for everything. Once my workroom is finished it means we can get all of my things out of the garage and then we will have room in the garage for all of the things in the conservatory! 

Plant Pots
I had a happy delivery of plant pots last week. Such a little thing but it's pleased me no end to get rid of the brown plastic pots and add a bit of colour. Plus, faffing with plants is always therapeutic!

School Uniform
Perhaps I'm being a bit optimistic but this weekend saw me ordering the girl's school uniform.  I always struggle to find bits in their size and the right colour so when I had a look on the off-chance I wanted to get them whilst I could.  Both girls have had a bit of a growth spurt with T being a similar shape and size to E, so I've purchased them both E's size and I'm keeping my fingers crossed everything will fit properly!

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